Digital Ad Specs

Digital Ad Options

Dimensions: 272 x 160 pixels

On desktops, our side button ad is fixed, providing maximum exposure as visitors navigate our website. On mobile devices, side button ads are prominently displayed in the menu.

Dimensions: 356 x 270 pixels Front and center the photo gallery

Front and center the photo gallery ad is prominently displayed on our home page.

Dimensions: 970 x 90 pixels
Plus mobile device size: 640 x 100 pixels

This high-impact leaderboard ad is visible on our homepage and as a banner in the Photo Gallery.

Additional Specifications

All ads are clickable. Please provide full URL and we will embed.

Maximum file size: 100K

File Formats: JPG, GIF or PNG

Deadline: Minimum 5 business days before campaign start.

Rotation: Digital ads in all positions rotate when the page is refreshed. Please contact our production department for ad creation guidelines.

Download Design NJ Digital Specs and Deadlines

Sending in Your Ad

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Liz Reingold
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