10 Herbs That Flourish in New Jersey

Nothing elevates the quality of a meal like fresh herbs. So as spring planting season approaches, why not consider cultivating your own? Take a look at these commonly used herbs that thrive in the New Jersey climate.

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  • 1 | Rosemary: The needle-like leaves of rosemary pair well with all kinds of meat and fish. This plant prefers full sun, but will tolerate partial shade.

    Photo by Kimtextor via Wikimedia Commons

  • 2 | Basil: This herb works well with tomato dishes such as caprese salad and Bolognese sauce. It comes in interesting varieties such as lemon, cinnamon and lime and grows best in a sheltered spot with full sun.

    Photo by Netha Hussain via Wikimedia Commons

  • 3 | Mint: This herb thrives in full sun or partial shade and spreads quickly, so it may need to be confined to a pot. Alternatively, allow it to grow unhindered to act as a natural weed repellent. Add some mint leaves to iced or hot tea for a refreshing flavor.

    Photo by Commonists via Wikimedia Commons

  • 4 | Chives: The mild oniony flavor of chives makes them great for dips, baked potatoes or egg dishes. These plants like full sun but will adapt to most soil conditions.

    Photo by Daryl_Mitchell via Wikimedia Commons

  • 5 | Oregano: The recommended variety for successful growth in New Jersey is Greek Oregano (O. vulgare var. hirtum). It is commonly combined with olive oil for vinaigrettes and marinades. It prefers full sun and attracts pollinators.

    Photo by David Bena via Wikimedia Commons

  • 6 | Parsley: Parsley is more than just a garnish. It’s good in soups, with grilled vegetables and with grain dishes such as couscous or quinoa. It does well in full sun or partial shade.

    Photo by Forest and Kim Starr via Wikimedia Commons

  • 7 | Sage: This star of many a Thanksgiving stuffing also works well on pasta or in a stew. It thrives under full sun but will also grow in light shade.

    Photo by Habib Mienni via Wikimedia Commons

  • 8 | Dill: Best known for its use in pickling, dill can also enhance potato and grain dishes. Choose a sheltered area in full sun for best growth.

    Photo by Zeynel Cebeci via Wikimedia Commons

  • 9 | Coriander/Cilantro: Cilantro is the name of the leaves and stem of this plant. Its dried seeds are known as coriander. Coriander works well with vegetables and fruits; cilantro is often paired with garlic, lemon, lime and onion flavors. This plant generally enjoys full sun in the summer, however, it can benefit from partial shade during the hottest days.

    Photo by Sabina Bajracharya via Wikimedia Commons

  • 10 | French Tarragon: French Tarragon is often found in salad dressings and marinades as it pairs well with acidic flavors such as lemon and vinegar. Place it in full sun for optimal growth.

    Photo by Forest and Kim Starr via Wikimedia Commons