Get the ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Look at Home

Wallpaper ideas and decorating tips that allow anyone to re-create the stylish interiors from the iconic series

With the news that “Only Murders in the Building” has been renewed for a third season, Lauren Kavanagh, art director for wallpaper brand Hovia, discusses the show’s intriguing decor and prominent use of eye-catching wallpaper designs — and how anyone can achieve similar looks with a few tips and tricks.

About the Show

Neighbors Mabel Mora, Oliver Putnam and Charles-Haden Savage try to solve a murder that has taken place in their grand apartment complex, Arconia, in New York City’s Upper West Side. The show stars Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez and is available on Hulu in the United States.

Exposed Brick

Mabel’s place has an unfinished, rustic charm. Photo ©Barbara Nitke/Hulu

While Mabel’s apartment is a work in progress, we cannot ignore the charm and contrast her bare brick walls provide to the remaining original features. The rough finish creates an industrial feel and, if done right, can work well with any well-designed space, Lauren Kavanagh says. “Exposed brick walls provide a versatile backdrop to many interior design styles. I would style them with Midcentury Modern furnishings or Boho interiors. Using brick-effect wallpaper is a great way to achieve the same feel without the permanence and messiness of exposing brick. It can be easily installed and removed.”

Dark Florals

A dark floral pattern stands out against navy blue. Photo ©Barbara Nitke/Hulu

Deep tones all around. Photo ©Barbara Nitke/Hulu

The use of dark, floral wallpaper in Oliver’s hallway is eye-catching and adds depth to the space. “Florals have been a popular choice for repeat-pattern wallpaper and murals for a long time,” Kavanagh says. “Over the years, designs have evolved from hand-painted, realistic depictions of flowers and retro interpretations to digitally drawn, modern flower designs.”

A Hint of Ancient Greece

Check out the tall columns in the back of Oliver’s lounge. Photo© Barbara Nitke/Hulu

In the 19th century, the Greek Revival was a popular architectural style in the United States. Inspired by Greek temples, its main features included a focus on symmetry and simplicity. Its influence can be found also in interior decor as seen in Oliver’s living room. Among an eclectic mix of velvet furniture, paintings, prints and dark wood flooring, for instance, stands a pair of white marble columns.

If you want to bring the Ancient Greek flare to your home, check out Hovia’s mural Agora, which is available in three colorways.

Wood Paneling

Spot the subtle wood panels among the many textures. Photo ©Barbara Nitke/Hulu


The paneling feels very Georgian. Photo ©Barbara Nitke/Hulu

Throughout Oliver’s apartment, wood paneling adds to the maximalist interiors of his eccentric home. Wallpaper is inserted between paneling in the hallway and dining room, using the paneling as a kind of picture frame.

Wood paneling has seen a recent revival, and social platforms provide an endless stream of videos and photos of DIY projects and tutorials on how to measure, cut and hang wood paneling. For a different take on traditional wood paneling, take a look at Hovia’s range of wood panel-effect murals.

Neutrals, Subtle Patterns and Texture

Charles’ place has luxury and personality. Photo ©Barbara Nitke/Hulu

Charles’ modern spin on the historic fabric of the building provides a visual palate cleanser in the show. “While most apartments maintain old features such as beams, wood paneling and original fireplaces, creating a heavy and, at times, mysterious feel, his decor is considerably lighter. It makes use of clean and simple lines, neutral tones with some pops of color and clever use of subtle textures and patterns,” Kavanagh says. “If you like neutrals and want to add an interesting backdrop to your decor, I would pick murals such as Petra and Kyoto Neutral or a repeat pattern design like Lunning to add to your space.”