How Does Your Garden Grow? 12 Variations on a Glorious Garden

Spring (and everything else, really) is going to look different this year. Certainly, it’s our collective responsibility to shelter in place as much as possible, and that can be burdensome. But as the weather turns warmer, we’ll at least be able to find some comfort in nature’s bounty. Whether you have acres of land, a rooftop deck, or a window box, there are always options to bring plants of all kinds to your home. We may not be able to go out to the local garden center, but we can order plants and seeds to create gardens perfectly suited to our spaces. There are so many choices; here are just a few.

1: Go for variety…

Large round shrubs, spikey grasses and a variety of colors bring depth and texture to this outdoor space.

Outdoor Patio

Photo: John Armich, Design NJ August/September 2019 Design: Janis A. Schmidt, IDS Architecture: Stephen Fenwick, RA, PP

2: …or stick to a theme.

Recurring plant types and colors create a soothing consistency.

Outdoor Garden

Photo: Heather Knapp, Design NJ October/November 2018 Landscape: Mitchell Knapp and Matt Jones, LLA, Reynolds Landscaping & Garden Shop

3: Make orderly rows…

Line a wall or a walkway with beautifully manicured plants.

Landscaped Stone Wall

Photo: Heather Knapp, Design NJ October/November 2018 Landscape: Mitchell Knapp and Matt Jones, LLA, Reynolds Landscaping & Garden Shop

4: …or go freestyle.

Maybe you’d prefer a little less structure. Give your garden the chance to grow and spread at it’s own pace.

Pool and Patio Furniture

Photo: Patricia Burke, Design NJ August/September 2019 Design: Celtic Concepts Inc., Suzette Donleavy Builder: Celtic Concepts Inc., Edgewater Pools Inc., Martelli Signature Homes Landscape Design/Build: Celtic Concepts Builder: Martelli Signature Homes Pool Installation: Edgewater Pools Inc.

5: Focus on the foliage…

The trees and shrubs create a breathtaking entry to this property.

Trees around driveway

Photo: John Martinelli, Design NJ June/July 2019 Design: Victor Moldovan, ASID and Shannon Fox Architecture: Gregory L. Cox, RA, PP, AIA

6:…or add some ornamentation.

Mix it up with some garden sculpture, like this six-foot tuteur.

Garden sculpture

Photo: Patricia Burke, Design NJ June/July 2017 Landscape: Susan Cohan, APLD

7: Create an urban oasis…

A rooftop garden is a restful retreat from the busy-ness of city life.

Urban Oasis

Photo: Gianni Franchellucci, Design NJ June/July 2018 Design: Robert Lynch Steed

8: …or build a suburban tour de force.

Add all the amenities for a vacation in your own backyard.

Beautiful pool and water feature

Photo: David Gruol, Design NJ June/July 2019 Landscape: Lou Coviello, Landscapes by Lou

9: Have a floral free-for-all…

There are pretty petals everywhere in this riot of orange and purple tulips.

Flower Bed in front of home

Photo: Donna Dotan, Design NJ December 2019/January 2019 Design/Architecture: RHG A+D Landscape: Back to Nature

10: …or go flower-free.

Bored with blossoms? You can still have a little fun.  Fashion a game board from concrete and grass. Life-size chess, anyone?

Outdoor Chess Game

Photo: Heather Knapp, Design NJ October/November 2018 Design and Landscape: Mitchell Knapp and Matt Jones, LLA, Reynolds Landscaping & Garden Shop

11: Let your wide-open spaces go wild…

Natural grasses are a low-maintenance option on a large property.

Open Space and Wild Grass

Photo: Ned Harvey, Design NJ February/March 2020 Architecture: Hiland Hall Turner, AIA

12: …or curate a cozy corner.

Choose wisely for maximum impact in a small space.

Dining Area

Photo: Steven David, Design NJ, October/November 2019 Design: Hope Sferra