Nurturing Nature

10 companies that make sustainability a priority

If our year-and-a-half timeout in our homes has taught us anything, it’s that the actions of humans impact the health of the planet. Now our planet appears to be in distress: severe weather has become more frequent, polar ice caps are melting at a record pace and massive fires have destroyed acres of land. Fortunately, many organizations have taken the lead in caring for our environment to preserve it for future generations. Here are a few eco-conscious companies creating high-quality home furnishings while maintaining responsible stewardship of natural resources.

1. Emeco was founded during World War II to create chairs for warships. Today, the company is fighting against environmental hazards with products such as the ZA stool, which is built by hand from salvaged aluminum.

2. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has implemented Eco-Friendly Initiatives that include upcycling fabric and leather scraps and using ozone-friendly foam and padding in its cushions. The company’s Gotham Rug is made from recycled silk. (Find it in New Jersey at the MG+BW store in the Paramus Design Center.)

3. ecoBirdy transforms discarded plastic toys into kid-sized furniture. This set, called Sunrise, is lightweight and easy to clean.

4. Avocado Green Mattress takes the concept of carbon neutral one step further: the company uses production processes and products that offset more carbon emissions than they generate. Their Vegan Latex Mattress is non-toxic and biodegradable. (Find it in New Jersey in Hoboken, where these mattresses are designed.)

5. WharfWarp, a Maine-based company, uses lobster-rope remnants to create home accessories such as this Eastern Prom Mat.

6. Boll & Branch’s products are fabricated with sustainable raw materials, and its packaging is made from recycled paper that can, itself, be recycled. This Chambray Cotton Tile Sheet Set is made from 100% organic cotton. (Find it in New Jersey at The Mall at Short Hills.)

7. Coyuchi offers a take-back program called 2nd Home that allows customers to return their old Coyuchi linens items to be upcycled or renewed and resold, preventing them from winding up in a landfill. The company’s Air Weight® Organic Towels are made from 100% organic cotton.

8. Bien Hecho specializes in sourcing historic and reclaimed lumber. The company’s Grey and Glacier Credenza is made from sinker cypress pulled from the bottom of bayous in the American South.

9. Under the Canopy partners with environmentally certified factories to produce pesticide-free cotton textiles with non-toxic dyes. No harmful chemicals are used in processing the company’s hypoallergenic Organic Crib Sheets.

10. Outdoor furniture manufacturer McKinnon and Harris recycles all internally produced aluminum scraps. The company’s Suhling Square dining tables incorporate environmentally friendly protective coating technology that ensures they can stay outdoors year-round. McKinnon and Harris also offers a program to refurbish existing furniture and to curb the cycle of discarding and replacing.