The Rise of Home Organization

A take three Q&A with California Closets

The new year is the perfect time to take stock of our surroundings, get out from under the clutter and make the most of our living areas. Looking for ways to optimize space and create order? The New Jersey team at California Closets, a leader in custom closets and storage solutions for the home — with multiple locations throughout the Garden State — weighs in on what’s trending in home organization in 2023 and beyond. 

Design NJ: Home organization experts report the pandemic has fueled a growth in home organization. Do you see this movement continuing?

California Closets: We do. The pandemic forced many people to reevaluate how they want to live and feel at home, specifically when it comes to the design of their spaces. We continue to collaborate with customers who are looking for ways to create highly personalized spaces that marry both beauty and maximum utility. We’ve always believed that home is more than just a place — it should be a source of creativity, comfort and connection. More than organization, it’s really about making space for what belongs. We like to think of it as “practical magic.”

Fashion meets function in a multifunctional mudroom/laundry zone.

DNJ: Are there certain areas of the home where you’ve noticed an uptick in organization?

CC: Home offices have certainly increased for California Closets overall. “In 2023, we’re really excited about the increased interest in laundry rooms,” says Julie LaFranco, president and owner of California Closets Northern New Jersey. “These rooms used to be simply utilitarian, but they are getting renewed attention. It truly makes doing the chore of laundry more enjoyable when you’re in a bright beautiful space that you enjoy spending time in! We’re also seeing an uptick in pantries and wine bars as so many people have come to enjoy cooking and entertaining at home.”

Custom cabinetry and open shelving maximizes every square inch in a pantry designed for efficiency and order.


Installation of home bars has increased by 24% in recent years.

DNJ: What are some of the newest styles, finishes or storage systems to hit the market?

CC: In terms of style, California Closets recently introduced a new finish palette that draws inspiration from nature. These curated finishes are designed to stand alone or layer beautifully and present limitless ideas for clients well beyond the closet.

The CC Luxe Matte™ Collection finishes have a non-reflective surface with an inviting, velvety feel.

  • “Dove”


  • “Morning Light”


  • “Cinder”


A new standout, “Deep Pond,” features an innovative lacquer finish that resists fingerprints and scratches.

The CC Wood Grain™ Collection is highlighted by a special process that imbues these finishes with the authentic character, structure and variation of wood.

  • “Misty Orchard”


  • “Natural”


  • “Quiet Grove”


  • “Grigio”


  • “Ash”


  • “Siena”


  • “Cool Avenue”


The CC Specialty™ Collection includes finish options that beautifully replicate the sensibility of familiar materials, including reflective surfaces and the look and feel of linen and painted wood.

  • “Bianco”


  • “Linen”


  • “Washed White”


  • “Shadow Black”