A Peek Inside the Pantry

With the countdown to Thanksgiving and the hectic holiday season in general, now may be a good time to reassess your pantry and storage needs. Bob Lewis, CEO & President of Closet & Storage Concepts in Fairfield, Marlton and West Berlin offers these three tips.

1. The key to an organized pantry is adjustable shelving.

Food and beverage containers vary dramatically in size. Being able to adjust the separation between shelving is critical.

2. The biggest mistake home builders make is creating pantry shelving that is too deep to be able to see items that are behind others.

Unlike wardrobe closets, homeowners like to see what’s behind that can of pasta sauce as to avoid a trip to the grocery store only to find out they had an item all along! The ideal depth from the front edge to the rear of the shelf is 14″.

3. Being able to easily clean shelves in a pantry is key given some items can drip after being used. Therefore, open, slatted or ventilated shelving is not a good option in a pantry.

The best material is laminated shelving that can be wiped off when something drips, or when a box of cereal tips and spills.

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