Point of View – Curb Appeal

Simple and clean, this well-maintained lawn and landscaping will attract potential buyers.

We asked three industry professionals what the best ways to boost curb appeal are.

Simplicity and Color

“Curb appeal not only increases the satisfaction to the homeowner living there but is also enjoyed by neighbors and people passing by. Everyone notices a house that is well maintained and has an organized and colorful landscape. Our first recommendation begins with simplicity and maintenance. Start with making sure that overgrown plants are removed or pruned. Untidy trees and shrubs can block pleasant views of the home’s architecture and may encroach on sidewalks and patios. It’s also a good idea to limit the number of plants in your yard for a clean and elegant look.

Our second recommendation is color. This starts with containers and seasonal interest. Adding a set of beautiful pots on both sides of your entry will highlight your home and draw the eye to your property. Don’t be afraid of adding a few strategically placed pots in other parts of the yard (porches, decks or at a corner of your patio). When changed out seasonally, containers will give your home just the right pop of color throughout the year.”

Ron Cording
Cording Landscape Design

A freshly painted door and cared-for flowers.

Fresh Paint and Fresh Flowers

“First impressions are crucial when selling your home; there are two things that can help boost your home’s curb appeal. The first is landscaping. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but make sure your lawn is cut and edged, that your flower beds are mulched and that you have fresh flowers planted to add some color. Keep it simple; more is not necessarily better. I prefer black mulch and white flowers. They give the perfect pop of color.

The second suggestion is painting your front door. It’s the first thing buyers will focus on while waiting for their agent to unlock and open up the home. A freshly painted door with new hardware will look sharp. If there’s a porch, it should be power washed and cleaned of any pollen, cobwebs, etc.”

Frank D. Isoldi
Coldwell Banker


Beautiful outdoor lighting creates a welcoming feel.

Strategic Lighting

“The best way to boost curb appeal with lighting is to play to the home’s strengths and make sure the lighting system is thoughtfully designed. Emphasizing the strengths of your property may mean highlighting particular trees, plants or stone facades; moonlighting beautiful walkways; or using unique fixtures for entryways. While trying to create the right atmosphere, it’s critical to use the correct fixtures with the right lamps and locations, all while taking into account the perspective from which you’ll be viewing the lighting. Sometimes a repositioning of only a few inches can take a system from average to stunning. Often we’ll confirm designs with a nighttime demonstration to make sure the lights are doing exactly what we intended for both aesthetics and safety.”

Ron Hoffman & Kelly Hoffman
Outdoor Lighting
Hamilton Square