From the October/November 2020 Issue  

A Marriage of Tastes

Writer Meg Fox  |  Photographer Lisa Russman  |  Designer Tina Ramchandani  |  Stylist Frances Bailey  | 

One house, three bathroom renovations, two shared visions

A move from Manhattan to the Morris County suburbs prompted a complete overhaul of the bathrooms and other spaces in a colonial style home with “fairly standard construction,” recalls designer Tina Ramchandani. Redesigned to suit the young family’s lifestyle and juxtaposing tastes, “We spent a lot of time up front designing the bathrooms,” she says, in order to meld the wife’s love of country/farmhouse with the husband’s more modern leanings.

“Each bathroom is directly off a room we designed, with a well-defined look and purpose, so the bathrooms are naturally going to feel distinctive,” says Ramchandani, founder of New York City-based Tina Ramchandani Creative. Infusing a sense of wellness and serenity into the designs was another top priority as were the use of quality materials, function and cohesiveness with surrounding rooms. “These bathrooms fit seamlessly into our clients’ lives,” accounting for all their needs and individual tastes, Ramchandani says. “The wish list was met!”

The 10-foot, cerused-wood vanity, “required large sconces that were interesting but not overpowering,” says designer Tina Ramchandani. Installing the sconces horizontally as opposed to vertically achieved the desired effect. Wall hooks keep towels and clothing organized, tidy and uncluttered.

Square footage: 160 SF (14′ x 11′ 6″)

Luxurious master bath appointments did not go unnoticed—or under-appreciated—by the homeowners; most notably by the husband who took into account all the nuances from shower flow and function, to storage needs and toilet capacities, notes Ramchandani. Of the latter, Toto was his favorite!  “We looked at quite a few plumbing fixtures before we selected our brands and collections,” with water pressure being a primary concern, she says. Here in the double shower, California Faucet fixtures won out. “All four showerheads (overhead and hand-held sprays) can be turned on at the same time for an amazing spa-like shower experience,” Ramchandani says. Other behind-the-scenes amenities include a private water closet—with a Toto toilet of course—and a large soaking tub.

To create a meditative experience in a warm, inviting way, Ramchandani covered the walls and floor in honed marble, juxtaposed with a 10-foot vanity made of cerused wood. “We could have easily done the vanity in a modern lacquer finish and it would have looked beautiful,” she says. “But I felt the bathroom needed something softer.” Cerused wood also brought in the desired country/farmhouse feel, she says. With the eye drawn to the spacious, storage-packed vanity and prominent marble tile, Ramchandani opted for an understated countertop. “Quartz is my go-to,” she says. “It’s durable, easy-to-clean and always looks great.” The entire wall above the vanity is mirrored to reflect both the vanity and striking tile. “I specifically didn’t frame the mirror, because I didn’t want to take away from the other details in the room.”

Square footage: 70 SF

A former closet-turned-bathroom now functions as a chic, ensuite bath, located off a first-floor guest bedroom; used primarily by the clients’ parents, cousins and other special guests. “We wanted to create an environment that had the feel of a master bathroom,” explains Ramchandani with a steam shower as the main requirement—along with the requisite Toto toilet. Pale blue glass tiles from Ann Sacks cover the shower walls and flooring for a cohesive look that also blends with the calm, serene environment in the adjacent bedroom. “Every time I design a bath, I like the [decorative] flow to feel natural” not jarring, she says.

Polished nickel surfaces, pale glue glass tiles and a light-reflecting beveled mirror keep things clean and serene in the ensuite guest bath.

A furniture-style vanity with drawers would have felt “claustrophobic,” notes Ramchandani. By contrast, the extra-wide washstand with minimalist lines, open shelving and thick marble top keep things open and airy. A recessed medicine cabinet to the left of the vanity (not shown) fulfills storage needs; its placement also allowed for a custom, space-enhancing mirror with a beveled frame. “The bevel captures and reflects the light beautifully,” she says adding another layer of interest to an already sophisticated space.

Square footage: About 25 SF (7′-7″ x 3′-5″)

“I love wallpaper—especially for a powder room,” says Ramchandani. “It’s a form of subtle art that covers the walls.” Here the design scheme began with a classic herringbone-style print from Phillip Jeffries, a pattern with beautiful texture and muted black and tan tones. Powder rooms should be “fun, interesting and evergreen,” says the designer. “I try to stay away from trends that can fade or feel dated quickly.”

The floating, wall-mounted vanity delivers a modern farmhouse feel in timeless black and white. Sleek, pretty, modern—and great for small spaces—“it also has lots of storage with a touch latch, which many people don’t realize,” the designer says. A large round mirror visually expands and softens the room’s rectangular nature. A more traditional-inspired faucet in antique nickel “adds a little shimmer,” and interest to the otherwise aged bronze finishes found on the mirror and simple, clean-lined sconce, Ramchandani says.