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Cement Tiles Offer Varied Colors & Patterns

Writer Garden State Tile
  • Sophia by Noga is a historically rich cement tile pattern that’s appropriate for a range of decorating styles.

  • Terra porcelain tiles come in a range of interesting patterns and offer durability as well as beauty.

Excessively ornate tiles in florid and geometric styles are making their way onto walls and floors. Patterned cement tiles date back to the 19th century and were used extensively across Europe and the Middle East. Most confuse cement tiles with encaustic tiles. The difference between the two is that encaustic tiles are made of clay, applied with a glaze and then fired. Cement tiles are not fired. They are made by pouring cement and pigments into a mold and then pressing them hydraulically. Each tile is placed in a water bath and then cured in a misting room for almost 30 days. This type of tile, rich in history, color and pattern, is now available at Garden State Tile locations, all located within New Jersey.

Although authentic cement tiles are more delicate than porcelain, they offer a wider variety of colors and patterns. Cement tiles are capable of a high level of customization, allowing you to pick colors that are unique to you and your project. It’s very important that cement tiles are sealed after installation and kept clean.

For those who prefer the look of handmade cement tile but don’t want the worry and maintenance, there is a porcelain version available that is glazed and fired, resistant to stains and scratches, and vitreous. Terra has a vintage, Old World feel and is made in wide variety of patterns that can be mixed together. This is a great cement-look tile without the worry and maintenance of real cement tile. Terra is durable and resilient, and it cleans easily with warm water and mild detergent.