Zak Yossry, Allied ASID, International Associate AIA, IIDA & Sarah Fetouh, Allied ASID, International Associate AIA, IIDA

Zak Yossry & Sarah Fetouh received a Design Excellence Gold Award from the American Society of Interior Designers, New Jersey Chapter, in the Residential Two or More Spaces 2501-5,000 Square Feet category. Below, Zak & Sarah shares their specialties, design philosophy and best-kept secret. For more about the awards and a list of all winners, click here.

Short Hills Design Studio

Industry Partner Sources for Project: Benjamin Moore & Co.,  Sub-Zero/Wolf

High-end residential interior design.
Design Philosophy: Our designs are driven by a philosophy that combines residential interior design with an architectural approach. We firmly believe that exceptional interior spaces should not only be visually stunning but also seamlessly integrated with the overall architectural vision of a home.
Best-Kept Secret: Sarah’s best-kept secret is the timeless philosophy of “less is more.” Applying the principle of “less is more” in our interiors promotes a sense of spaciousness, openness and tranquility. It encourages the use of clean lines, uncluttered surfaces and a restrained color palette. This approach allows for a greater emphasis on the quality of materials, textures and natural light, creating a serene atmosphere that promotes relaxation and a sense of mindfulness. Zak’s best-kept secret is the belief that “God is in the details.” In the world of residential interior design, it is often the intricate details that make a significant impact and set a design apart. By focusing on the finer points, such as the selection of materials, finishes and textures, we can elevate a design from ordinary to extraordinary.