8 Ways to Strut Your Stripes

Stripes are a classic decorative option. They work well in just about every setting and they’re extremely versatile. Here’s a look at some ways to incorporate stripes into your home successfully.

Bring in the room’s colors

The stripes on these dining room chairs integrate the various shades of blue found throughout the rest of the space. The assorted patterns in this room work well together thanks to a consistent color palette.

Photo: Marisa Pellegrini, Design NJ June/July 2015 | Designer: Patricia Turchyn | Architect: Anderson Campanella Architects | Builder: Goodhue Bros. Builders

Make them super subtle

There’s a lot going on in this room: from the knickknacks on the shelves to the patterns on the fabrics to the abundance of seating options. The stripes on the two chairs near the window softly reflect the other colors present in the room for a cohesive, yet understated, look.

Photo: Patricia Burke, Design NJ August/September 2015 | Design: Joan Norkus, CID, Professional Member ASID

Use them as a recurring accent

Here, the striped window treatments, carpet and throw pillows reinforce the gray color scheme that makes up the foundation of this room.

Photo: John Ferrentino, Design NJ February/March 2017 | Design: Tracey Butler

Think outside the box

Chunky stripes tend to be used most often in casual settings. But they can work in a more formal space when used in a subdued, elegant shade.

Photo: Melabee M. Miller, Design NJ April/May 2016 | Design: Barbara Noud, CID, Allied Member ASID

Invigorate a space

Slim stripes in a variety of colors infuse a space with an energy that’s just right for casual, spirited get-togethers.

Photo: Laura Moss, Design NJ June/July 2016 | Design: Dr. Belen Flores and Linda Tuccillo | Stylist and Producer: Jennifer Vreeland McDermott

Go bold

Wide stripes paired with vivid hues bring youthful exuberance to a room.

Photo: Marco Ricca, Design NJ August/September 2016 | Design: Lisa Connolly | Architect: Lederer & Wright Architects | Builder: R. Popovitch Builders

Or, go bold in moderation

If your youth is a little less exuberant, go with a single wall of stripes in a deep color for a look that’s striking yet restrained.

Photo: Marco Ricca, Design NJ October/November 2016 | Design: Elizabeth Vizzone

Make the stripes the star

Keep other patterns to a minimum and draw the eye straight to the stripes.

Photo: John Ferrentino, Design NJ February/March 2017 | Design: Tracey Butler