8 Ways to Welcome Fall

Yes, we know summer doesn’t officially end for a few more weeks, but Labor Day marks the unofficial start of fall. There’s so much to look forward to — crisp days, gorgeous changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes! Here at Design NJ, we believe in embracing the season and surrounding ourselves with autumnal atmosphere. Have a look at some great ways to embellish your home for fall.

Go natural…

The farmers’ markets are chock full of all kinds of seasonal decorative items.

Photo: Patricia Burke, Design NJ October/November 2012

…Or try a reasonable facsimile.

Looking for décor you can use every autumn? Try themed tableware like these whimsical pumpkin bowls.

Photo: Patricia Burke, Design NJ October/November 2012

Go for the gusto…

A mountain of pinecones creates an autumnal focal point.

Photo: Patricia Burke, Design NJ December 2011/January 2012. Designer: Pat Mills.

…Or embrace the understated.

Forage for a bit of fall foliage and display it on its own.

Photo: Marco Ricca, Design NJ October/November 2016. Designer: Elizabeth Vizzone.

Pile on the Pumpkins…

Use pumpkins in varying sizes and colors. Deck out surfaces throughout (and outside) your home.

Photo: Wing Wong, Design NJ October/November 2015. Landscape architect: Deborah Cerbone, ASLA. Architect: John James, AIA.

…Or don’t.

Not a pumpkin enthusiast? Bored with gourds? There are other ways to give your home a seasonal attitude. These bell peppers boast autumnal colors. The corncobs are a fall mainstay.

Photo: Katrina Mojzesz, Design NJ October/November 2014. Designer: Irwin Weiner. Builder: Sean Tracy


Set the mood with mums…

These orange, red and yellow blooms are a fall classic.

Photo: Marisa Pellegrini, Design NJ October/November 2007. Design: Maureen Fiori

…Or find other florals with fall colors.

Think outside the autumn flower box by including different varieties with fall flair.

Photo: Patricia Burke, Design NJ October/November 2005. Builder: Robert Monetti.