9 Gifts to Delight Dad

Are you facing a Fathers’ Day dilemma? Can’t decide on a present for your pop? We’re here to help. Take a look at these great gifts; they’re sure to be the highlight of the day for dear old dad.

1. For the man who likes an organized office:

This collection will keep his desktop tidy.

U Brands Vena Office Kit.

2. For the driver who insists upon an orderly auto:

This canvas catchall carts cargo around town neatly.

Picnic at Ascot Ultimate Trunk Organizer.

3. For the gentleman who yearns for a bygone era:

This table, based on a Victorian-era archetype, is a clever callback to the days when travel was glamorous.

Authentic Models Stateroom trunk table. (Find it in New Jersey at Kate & Company in Spring Lake.)

4. For the history buff who surrounds himself with antiques:

This compelling compendium of prose and images is an ode to the author’s love of vintage treasures and his belief that they bring “comfort, connection and continuity” to our lives. (Rizzoli, 2019)

Richter is the host of PBS series “Market Warriors.”

5. For the traverser of trails who requires supplies:

This lightweight, hands-free bag keeps provisions handy.

Pulse 3 waist bag from Deuter. (Find it in New Jersey at Brielle Cyclery in Brielle, Middletown and Asbury Park.)

6. For the magnate on the move who needs to carry his computer:

In addition to a laptop, this pouch also has space for a phone, keys, cards and chargers.

Mark & Graham Commute Laptop Sleeve.


7. For the eco-conscious sipper who wants to save the planet in style:

These stainless steel straws come with a handy cleaning brush.

W&P Design’s Porter Straw.

8. For the shellfish chef who knows presentation is important:

He’ll stay on-theme with this tableware collection.

Golden Rabbit Lobster set.

9. For the dad who likes a bit of whimsy with his water or wine:

This cool carafe has an avian silhouette.

Nude Glass Beak Carafe by Tomas Krall.