Celebrate New Jersey!

Happy National NJ Day!

New Jersey is known for quite a few things: diners, the shore, Springsteen, plump tomatoes, not having to pump our own gas … we could go on. In honor of National New Jersey Day on Saturday, July 27, we curated a list of one of our favorite reasons to live in NJ — those gorgeous ocean views.


These homes are sure to get you in the festive spirit while you sunbathe at the shore for National NJ Day!

What’s better than relaxing indoors while still enjoying the sights and sounds of crashing waves along with a cool beach breeze? Not much. From “Sand Castle,” Design NJ April/May 2017


A gorgeous balcony facing the Atlantic, a perfect place to enjoy some after-beach cocktails. From Up in the Clouds,” Design NJ, April/May 2017.

Sneak peeks of the ocean over the dunes in this relaxing indoor/outdoor space. From Inner Strength,” Design NJ, June/July 2018


Waking up to these views would have us lying in bed all day long. From “Inner Strength,” Design NJ, June/July 2018.


This backyard dock allows for quick boat access or simply enjoying the ocean air. From “Suited to the Site,” Design NJ, August/September 2018.


Watch some TV or watch some waves while lounging in this beautiful living room. From “Rising with the Tide,” Design NJ, February/March 2018.


This breakfast nook is perfect for sea-gazing and snacking. From “Beach Scene,” Design NJ, October/November 2017.


Play a game of pool and scope out some waves (or whales!) From “Beach Scene,” Design NJ, October/November 2017.

Why not lounge in the pool and watch the boats come in? From “Dark & Stormy to Bright & Whimsical,” Design NJ, February/March 2017.


Tropical island or NJ beach home? This beautiful infinity-style patio and pool could’ve tricked us! Details Make a Difference, Design NJ, August/September 2018