Embrace Your Curves

If the Kardashians have taught us anything, it’s this: curves can be compelling. There’s something about smooth bends, curls, and twists that draws us in and commands our attention. That’s just as true with home furnishings. Have a look at some curvaceous creations that can add a voluptuous vibe to any home’s décor.

Wrap yourself in coiled comfort. Ottiu’s “Margret” sofa (ottiu.com)

Turn the tables with twin twisty chairs. Artifort’s “Gemini” lounge chair by UN Studio/Ben van Berkel (artifort.com)

Bask in reflective, rippling glory. Boca do Lobo’s “Sinuous” console nightstand (bocadolobo.com)

View the world from more than one perspective. Henredon Risdon chaise (henredon.com)

Stand en pointe. Koket’s “Mistress/Confidante” banquette (bykoket.com)

Settle into a soothing spiral. Edra’s “Tatlin” seating by Mario Cananzi and Robert Semprin (edra.com)

To infinity and beyond! Malabar’s “Amelie” dressing table (malabar.com.pt)

Can’t make up your mind? You don’t have to. Cliff Young’s “Curly” bench (cliffyoungltd.com)