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Let’s get down to business. When it comes to doing your business, there have never been such extravagant options. Today’s high-tech toilets offer astounding features: self-cleaning bowls, self-warming seats, automatic lids, lighting and music systems—and they’re stylish to boot! Of course, water-closet wonders like this don’t come cheap. Though these potties may be pricey, when nature calls, wouldn’t you appreciate a luxurious loo?


This cool commode is not just architecturally elegant. It also features a UV light which activates when the seat is closed, and acts as a super sci-fi self-cleaning system.

  • Neorest 750H from Toto (


In the dark of night, this luminous lavatory emits a soft glow. (Practical and flattering!) Walk toward it, the lid lifts. Walk away, it closes. (Does anyone in your house do your bidding like this?)

  • DXV AT200 SpaLet (


It flushes anything. A dozen golf balls? Yep. A few pairs of socks? You bet. Seriously. There’s a video.

  • American Standard Boulevard FloWise toilet (


Colored lights plus Bluetooth music sync? It’s a powder room partaaay!

  • Kohler Numi toilet (


He’s designed yachts, hotels and restaurants—and now he brings that worldly sophistication to the bathroom.

  • Duravit Starck 3 toilet designed by Philippe Starck (