Make No Mistake

Wow. How about those Oscars? It’s actually kind of reassuring to witness; even super-swanky events with scores of high-profile attendees don’t always go as planned. (Moonlight and La La Land, we think you’re BOTH winners!)

While perfection may have eluded The Academy during the broadcast, there were no mistakes when it came to the décor backstage in the Green Room. That’s no easy task. Outfitting the Oscars Green Room can be tricky; the space needs to be both a relaxing refuge and celebratory soiree spot.

This is where presenters like Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty can hang out in peace and quiet before they go on. (And in this case, it’s where presenters like Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty can come to relieve their post-show stress.) Finally, it’s the winner’s circle where the victors can rejoice before meeting their adoring public.

This year, the Oscar Green Room was sponsored and designed by Rolex. The renowned watch company has kept the specifics of the decor close to the vest, saying only “The Greenroom’s design concept and all furnishings were created by our Rolex Interior Design team in Geneva.” Still, they did provide us with an interesting glimpse of the space in the photos below.

Let’s have a look at where the stars aligned last night.

Photos of Hollywood royalty line the walls as an homage to this industry town. The room features a healthy dose of Pantone’s color of the year, “Greenery.” Take deep breathes and think of nature, anxiety-ridden celebs! (FYI, Rolex official colors are green, gold, and bronze.)

Photo: Line 8

Though Rolex declined to provide manufacturer information, other media outlets have reported that this comfy-looking sofa is Solatium from Maxalto. Stools in coordinating colors and a few armchairs provide extra seating. Lightboxes on the wall offer an “exterior” view.

Photo: Line 8

The straightforward and streamlined bar features a wave-design, backlit front panel to beckon guests who might need a shot of courage/lifted spirits.

Photo: Line 8

In a pleasing mix of slick modernism and soothing naturalism, a dramatic glass-rod chandelier hovers above a cheerful floral arrangement.

Photo: Line 8

In case anyone should happen to forget the reason for the evening, a giant Oscar statue stands guard over the room. The gold does seem to blend beautifully with the greens and wood tones in the rest of the space.

Photo: Line 8

We think this space strikes a beautiful balance: it has a professional feel, yet its furnishings are comfortable. It offers a reverent look at Hollywood’s celebrated past, with some fun elements thrown in as well. It’s appealing to winners, runners’ up, and everyone in between.