Not Madness at All

Some of us here at Design NJ are avid college basketball fans. This morning — now that we’re down to the final two teams in the Men’s Division — our break room debate got fairly heated (family affiliations v. underdog soft spots). Of course, there’s one thing all of us root for consistently, and that’s good design. (See what we did there?)

The school colors of the University of North Carolina and Gonzaga University represent opposite ends of the blue spectrum. The Tar Heels’ light blue and white motif is breezy, composed, calm and confident. The Bulldogs’ navy, red, and white combination is striking, bold, headstrong and audacious.

Here’s a glimpse at some rooms featuring these colors, along with the decidedly different atmospheres and attitudes they convey.


The White House Blue Room as refurbished by Jackie Kennedy with interior design by Stephane Boudin — it’s soft, yet serious and dignified. Was the first lady a Tar Heels fan?

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

The color works just as well on a smaller scale, gently enveloping this peaceful bedroom.

Photo: Benjamin Moore “Little Boy Blue” 2061-60

Photo: Benjamin Moore “Little Boy Blue” 2061-60


This pre-teen boy’s room (and homage to a hockey team, but still) is lively and full of spirited energy bearing Gonzaga’s colors.

Photo by Marco Ricca shot for Design NJ June/July 2017 Designed by Yelena Gerts, House of Style & Design


Dark blue has a dramatic impact, particularly when used on large surfaces …

Photo: Valspar “Deep Space”

… or on the front porch.

Farrow & Ball, Drawing Room Blue


Clearly, color can make an emphatic statement, in a room or on a team. Which colors will emerge victoriously? We’ll be up late watching.