Playing Favorites

It’s a rainy day here in New Jersey.

And we are many, many weeks into school summer vacation.

Need we go on? Parents know that a well-appointed kids’ room can be a saving grace when the weather forces everyone indoors. Take a look at some fantastic, fun rooms designed to keep kids occupied (and give parents a break). #kidsroomgoals.

  • Energy to burn? Joust with a dragon.

    Photo: Robert I. Faulkner—Design NJ August/September 2005 Art: Christine O’Brien-Mase

  • Rain showers not your cup of tea? Host a party.

    Photo: Bruce R. Nelson—Design NJ October/November 2005 Designer: Bruce Middleton

  • Off your game? Play dress-up. Play hopscotch. Play house. Play school.

    Photo: Andrew MacIver—Design NJ December 2004/January 2005 Design: Donna J. Schratwieser

  • Feel like running away to join the circus? Play cards beside the big top instead.

    Photo: Melabee M. Miller, Design NJ December 2004/January 2005 Design: Gwynneth Harrington

  • Stormy weather got you off track? Turn a raining day into a training day.

    Photo: Patricia Burke, Design NJ December 2004/January 2005 Design: Robert Monetti

  • Dealing with lots of drama? Stage a production.

    Photo: Phillip Ennis—Design NJ October/November 2016 Design: Barbara Ostrom, CID, Professional ASID, IIDA

  • Not quite feeling in the pink? Snuggle up and read.

    Photo: David Van Scott—Design NJ December2007/January 2008 Designer: Sheila Rich

  • Rainout? Try table hockey (and snacks!).

    Photo: Marisa Pellegrini—Design NJ October/November 2015 Architect: Carol Hewit, PE, AIA

  • House starting to feel a little like a zoo? Mingle with a menagerie.

    Photo: Wing Wong—Design NJ October/November 2017 Design: La Jolie Maison Design Services: Jack Wright