Super Bowls

Because we just couldn’t resist—crockery for chili, chips or whatever you’re serving during the big game.

Spice up the dip with a smattering of gold.

Jonathan Adler 1948 Collection

Pass the salsa! These bold ovals make a fantastic backdrop.

Themis Z Kyklos collection

Olives? Cheeses? Crudités? Offer snacks that engage all the senses in this whimsical serveware.

Fornasetti “I Sensi”

If you’re serving fruit (really?), this is a captivating way to present it. (But a pile of nachos will match the “folds” of this basket angle-for-angle. Just saying.)

Alessi Kaleidos basket by Naoko Shintani

Buffalo wings belong on silver servers like these, with gold handles shaped like feathers.

Lunares Feather Oval Handle Bowl

Make chili slightly swanky—serve it in a marble bowl.

Blue Pheasant Eleni White Marble bowl

Surround potato skins with chic waves of gold on this platter.

Vietri Rufolo Glass Gold platter

Spherical bowls of varying sizes offer a roundabout way to serve nibbles.

Crate and Barrel Tilt Bowls

Guacamole will look great in this avocado-hued square bowl.

Noritake Square bowl