‘Tis Of Thee

We live in a great country (in spite of what you may have heard). So many cultures have left their imprint on the United States in its relatively short history. That much is apparent in the foods we eat, the styles we wear, and—yes—in the way we furnish our homes. At Design NJ, we see firsthand that New Jersey represents a microcosm of the whole country. Varying styles that reflect our collective national story can all be found right here in the Garden State.


The Mission style so prevalent in the American Southwest (though this home is in Teaneck, NJ), borrows heavily from Spanish influences. Photo: Morris Gindi/Designer: Etty Sadek/Stylist: Kim Montella/Design NJ June 2007


Elements of Federal style (including Chippendale chairs) give this dining room a Colonial-era feel. Photo: Barry Halkin/Stylist: Victoria McCoy/Design NJ June/July 2007


This Haddonfield home takes its cues—and cedar shingles—from Nantucket style. Photo: John Martinelli/Builder: Wolfson Custom Homes/Design NJ June/July 2007


Design elements in this late 19th-century home in Mendham—gingham curtains, wood burning stove, distressed furniture—hint at a Midwest farmhouse style. Photo: Peter Rymwid/Designer: Elizabeth Loree/Design NJ February/March 2007

This century-old Woodstown residence exudes Southern charm with its genteel veranda and lush hanging plants. Photo: Barry Halkin/Stylist: Victoria McCoy/Design NJ June/July 2007

Saloon doors hark back to the Old West in this Monmouth County home. Photo: Patricia Burke/Designer: Amanda Haytaian/Design NJ October/November 2012