We Can Work It Out

Remember the New Years’ promise you made to yourself to get in shape? How’s that going? If you’re not exercising as much as you said you would (or at all), there’s still time to salvage your resolutions while the year is still young (and before that Super Bowl party, because buffalo wings and nachos happen). If you want to create a home gym that will inspire and motivate, we’ve got some helpful hints.

You don’t need a large space…

All the workout equipment you need can be tucked into a corner.

Photo: Marco Zambelli, Design NJ August/September 2015 | Design: Linda Benson

…But a stylish space is helpful.

No one wants to work out in a dungeon. Light up your space. Maybe add some bold color. It’ll help with morale.

Photo: Phillip Ennis/Design NJ October/November 2016 | Design: Barbara Ostrom

Make your room do double duty…

See the washer and dryer behind the shoji screen? Throw in a load of laundry and hop on the elliptical while you wait for the cycle to finish. Once your workout (and the laundry) is finished, throw sweaty towels straight into the washer for the next laundry day. Such convenience.

Photo: John Armich/Design NJ August/September 2008 | Design: Vera Bahou

…Or dedicate a room solely to exercise.

If you prefer to concentrate exclusively on your workout, create a space designed just for that. Include on-theme art for an extra touch.

Photo: Marisa Pellegrini, Design NJ April/May 2005 | Designer: Bobby Bernheim

Go hardcore…

Include all the trappings of a commercial gym—punching bags, towel racks, assorted equipment, etc.—for a varied, full-body workout without leaving the house.

Photo: Peter Rymwid, Design NJ October/November 2011 | Design: Carisa Mahnken Design Guild

…Or create a whimsical space to suit your style.

This home gym features drawings of the homeowners’ favorite sports and a nighttime sky to look at while lying back to lift weights. Dreamy.

Photo: David Van Scott, Design NJ June/July 2003 | Designer: Miriam Ansell