We’ll Take a Raincheck

Enough is enough! We know rain is a good thing for New Jersey—we’re not called the Garden State for nothing. But this has gone on long enough. It feels like it’s been raining for ages. Since this week is predicted to be another washout, we thought we’d get our minds off the wet weather and put together some shots of water at its best—when it’s doing our bidding. Have a look at these gorgeous water features.

Soaring fountains, dazzling lights, and a breathtaking view—who would ever want to leave this pool? Photograph by Ed Pirone of DPD Studios/courtesy of Cipriano Landscape Design.

This is no run-of-the-mill backyard pool—this one features a stone climbing wall with its own water features. Photograph by Heather Knapp Landscape Design: Tapestry Landscape Architecture.

What better place for a cold drink on a hot day—a submerged stone table. Photographed by Tim Proctor for Design NJ June/July 2017 Landscape design: Cording Landscape Design Swimming pool: Liquid Inc./Liquidscapes Architect: Bol Architecture Builder: Monetti Custom Homes

Three ways with water—a manmade spa, infinity pool, and waterfall overlook nature-made Greenwood Lake in Hewitt. Photograph by Lori Ann Morris for the June/July 2010 issue of Design NJ. Water features by Stonetown Construction.

A fountain makes a fine centerpiece for a pond… Photograph by Patricia Burke for the June/July 2011 issue of Design NJ. Pond Designer: Joe Lingelback Landscape Designer: Paul Warner.

…Or for a garden. Photograph by Rich Pomerantz for Design NJ August/September 2016. Designer Susan Cohan, APLD.

Two waterfalls—a single tier and a double tier—create a natural look in this backyard pool. Photo courtesy of Cipriano Landscape Design.

A water slide, a waterfall, and a jet system that creates a current strong enough to kayak in—nonstop action for kids and adults. Photograph by Chris Cipriano courtesy of Cipriano Landscape Design.

If you prefer something a little more placid, how about a quiet water feature surrounded by a circular boxwood hedge. Photograph by Patricia Burke for Design NJ June/July 2014 Landscape: Cross River Design/Liquid Inc./Liquidscapes.

A two-level pool with thick glass walls to retain water is a backyard showstopper. Pool design and installation: Caribbean Blue Pools and Spas Tile design and installation: Mediterranean Tile & Marble.