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New Jersey Realtors® are here to simplify and enhance your homeownership experience, whether you’re hunting for the perfect home, selling your property, or considering a rental. With a robust membership exceeding 62,000, New Jersey Realtors® covers all aspects of the New Jersey real estate landscape, ensuring you benefit from a wealth of expertise. Not all real estate agents are Realtors®. Realtors®—who are all licensed real estate agents—represent some of the most knowledgeable, successful, and trustworthy professionals in their industry. Our core mission revolves around equipping Realtors® with the vital tools to help navigate buyers and sellers through home transactions. As the voice for real estate in New Jersey, New Jersey Realtors® is equally dedicated to promoting and preserving the fundamental right to own, transfer, and utilize real property. When it’s time to buy, sell, or rent, there’s no better choice than a New Jersey Realtor®. Learn more at