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Is there anything I can do to lower the carbon footprint of my swimming pool?

Definitely, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money using the latest in pump technology. Variable speed pumps have transformed the swimming pool industry and given homeowners total control over their pump’s energy consumption. Properly sized and scheduled variable speed pumps can reduce the energy costs of your swimming pool pump by up to 80%,which in turn reduces that carbon footprint. The pumps also run extremely quietly and reduce the noise pollution you get from a normal swimming pool pump.

What are the most popular swimming pool enhancements today?

Salt chlorine generators, LED lighting and automation via your mobile devices. Salt generation creates sanitizing levels of chlorine in your swimming pool through an electrolytic process using salt. No need for dangerous chemicals around the house. LED lighting is a real energy saver and produces similar levels of light output with a 65% savings in electrical costs. Automation uses your existing devices through Wi-Fi and allows for control of your swimming pool lighting, salt chlorine generator, heating and variable speed pump from your phone, tablet or computer.

— Hugh D. Smith, Vice President of Operations, B&B Pool and Spa Center, Chestnut Ridge, New York

Photo caption: Left: Intelligent And Safe – Intelliflo Pump with SVRS Safety System | Right: IntelliTouch – complete control of your swimming pool and outdoor lighting