Show Business: 7 Thoughts I Had at NY NOW

On Monday, Design NJ editors headed out to the Jacob Javits Center for the NY NOW show to get an up-close-and-personal look at the newest home, lifestyle and gift trends. We’ll be featuring some of the great products we saw in upcoming features in print and online, but here are a few quick takeaways from the show.

1. Even on a rainy, muggy, gray day, the steel and glass structure is impressive.

That’s Associate Editor Meg Fox at the center of the photo, tote in hand, on a mission to collect press kits.

2. The show runners know that a caffeinated, well-fed press corps is a happy press corps. Thanks, you guys!

They did offer decaf, but we didn’t see any takers.


Candy doesn’t hurt either.

3. Old-school timekeeping seems to be having a resurgence.

Love the birdhouses! (Lemnos)


Really, really old-school timekeeping. (Bungalow 5)

4. A pithy pep talk can perk up a day.

We strive for this every day. (Ben’s Garden)

5. So can a cocktail.

6. Casually draping a throw across a bed is really an art form.

I’ll keep practicing. (Svad Dondi)

7. There’s always something new to learn (and someone new to meet)!

This is Joe Wiggins, a public relations exec who helped to make sure the press area was running smoothly. We didn’t make his job easier. Both Meg and I forgot our phone chargers (don’t judge, it was a hectic morning) and he loaned us his. He also explained that switching to “airplane mode” helps a phone charge faster. Is this something people know? How did we not know this before now? Many thanks, Joe.

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