Show Business: 9 Things We Noticed (and two times we got lost) at the NY NOW Show

On Monday, Associate Editor Meg Fox and I once again headed to the the NY NOW show at the Javits Center to scout new and exciting products to showcase in upcoming product pages and gift guides.

It was a gorgeous day to be in the city.

Our first stop is always the pressroom. We had trouble locating it, so we asked around and were directed here:

Nice sitting area, hot food – this is really living.

We settled in to organize ourselves for the day ahead, but we didn’t see the usual suspects – the reporters from other press outlets who are fixtures at the show. And that’s when we realized; we were in the wrong pressroom. (FYI, there was another show going on. This was the pressroom for that show. It’s not like we crashed somebody’s business brunch. I mean we did stay to eat, but still.) Anyway, thanks for your hospitality, JA Show press reps!

After a delicious brunch, we spoke to a kind on-site assistant who pointed us toward the correct pressroom.

  • Is that it?


  • I think so.


  • Found it! Thanks to the press reps in this lounge as well who welcomed us with open arms. And more food. And coffee.


Ready to go!

On the show floor, we noticed a few things:

1. Color and pattern are popular…

MD Home throw pillows

2. …so is statement lighting

Zenza lighting

3. Cabinet hardware is getting more and more creative…

Left: Robin Baron hardware | Right: This both intrigues and disturbs me.

4. … so are scented candles

Homesick candles – My favorite was called “Grandma’s Kitchen.” (Find it in New Jersey at Cabana 19 in Red Bank or Love Locked in Jersey City.)

5. Lighthearted profanity seems to be trending…

Tommy Mitchell – I mean, haven’t we all felt this way some days?

6. …but so are morale-boosting messages

4 Art Works – That’s right; don’t come near me with your bad vibes.

7. There are so many companies trying to make the world a better place…

SoYoung Inc. – The company, maker of lunch bags and totes, promotes a wellness-focused lifestyle.

8. …and companies that look on the lighter side of life

Easy Tiger desk calendar – Clever, no?


PPD cocktail napkins – Note to my editor: this is totally tongue in cheek. Mostly.

9. There’s always something new to learn from leaders in the field

Stacey Garcia, Nancy Fire, Lucinda Loya, Patti Carpenter – Meg and I sat in on a discussion of home decor color trends. Let’s just say we were right about the color brown. (See the upcoming October/November 2019 issue of Design NJ!)


With the day’s activities coming to a close, we made our way back to our train. Because the weather was so beautiful, we decided to walk. Delightfully – and completely by accident – we found ourselves off the beaten path and on the High Line.

If you ever get a chance, take a walk on the High Line.


Though we may not be great at finding our way around, we’re pretty good at scouting products for your home.  We look forward to bringing you awesome new items in print and online.